why do you need it?


Comprising advantages of crimping, IDC technology offers cost and labor savings, and has extensive employment.

No pretreatment, fast installation

Preliminary operations are not required: neither wire stripping of insulation, nor splicing for flexible cables, twisting and screwing down processes. You save up to 60% time during connection cycle (up to 80% for multiple cables)!


IDC connection is an economy alternative to terminal crimping and soldering, to screw or spring cage. Wires are pressed with much lower forces than crimping requires. The connector may be rearranged several times (solid and stranded conductors can be rewired up to 100 times).

No special tools required

They are parts of IDC connector. The connector is being applied to most wire-sizes by means of common pliers or side-cutters.

Easy to handle

Application process is very simple and easily controlled.

Stabile contact force

Contact force doesn’t depend on the operator skills. It is defined by spring-loaded IDC terminal.

Dependable connections

Resulting electrical connection remains reliable and functions over the long term.

High-load resistance

IDC connectors support high-power and harsh environmental applications: from -40 to +125oC temperature range, pressure changes, high humidity, dust attack, mechanical stresses.

Wide application

Domestic appliances, automotive safety systems, access controlling and monitoring devices, computers, ATMs, irrigation equipment, motors, pumps, solar energy, solid-state lighting, telecom gear, railway applications, etc.


Check out IDC equipment options! Machine can be customized to particular components, environment, automation level, and production volumes.

Automatic and semiautomatic equipment for creating insulation displacement contact
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11 Jan
Greetings in 2018!

We started again from scratch, full of big hopes for success, happiness and health. And we wish you to fill new year’s 365 “pages” with exciting stories, romance novels, heroic sagas and touching poems. Let it be full of light and kindness, shared with beloved people and the world.

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08 Dec
SM Contact at productronica 2017

Indeed, productronica has all features of the New Year holiday: it happens once a year ≈ in the same time (alternately with electronica), we anticipate it, have a lot of preparations and time crunch, we “decorate” our booth, wait for guests, host a party and believe in miracles.

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07 Jul
Seminar for Norma Group SE

We were just about to burst into tears, recalling last year’s meeting in France, when a request came from the NORMA Group. Like, the wisest, why not to repeat what has been studied back then? And thus the chief is hurrying to the airport, and the French office is laying tables.

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23 Jun
30+1 SM Contact Birthday

The very same day in 2016 SM Contact celebrated its 30th Birth Day. We gathered our friends, customers and partners (we love you all with no exceptions!) for Splice Crimping Seminar and Party.

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26 May
Social integration camp for special children

Celebrating SM Contact 30th anniversary in 2016 we timed several good deeds and a charity auction. A certain amount of money has been raised and invested to social integration camps for children with special needs organized by charity organization Shag Navstrechu (“Step Forward”), Saint-Petersburg.

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