Unlike soldering, splice technology ensures reproducible quality of a connection possible to control during production process and after it.

Comprehensive study

There are requirements to some type of connections depending on applied standard. Splice quality control allows estimating all necessary characteristics, for example pull force, cross section parameters (tight closure, connection symmetry, appropriate compression, correct components positioning, no burrs), crimp height, etc.

Viso 6.0 software

Studies improved by using software allows making digital measurements according to international quality standards (VW, USCAR, TYCO, PSA, Renault, TDK etc.) or individual standards, and automatic detection of any deviations.

Maintenance support

Tests results could be shared with supplier to get timely and appropriate maintenance.


Laboratory equipment is adapted to the production conditions: mobile tools – for frequent transfers between different locations; stationary – for the other cases. It can also be adapted individually for Customer’s connection according to its parameters and application.

Increased sales

Lower level of defective products increases customers’ satisfaction. It results in repeat sales and new customers attracted by word of mouth.

Money saving

Timely quality monitoring reduces production costs by improving its processes and it also help to prevent serial rejects and as a consequence financial loss.

Concern for quality

Quality control system establishing encourages employees to be more attentive for quality.

Positive branding

High products quality improves company’s position in the market and works as effective advertising.


Check out quality control equipment options! Each machine can be customized to particular components, environment, automation level, and production volumes.


08 Dec
SM Contact at productronica 2017

Indeed, productronica has all features of the New Year holiday: it happens once a year ≈ in the same time (alternately with electronica), we anticipate it, have a lot of preparations and time crunch, we “decorate” our booth, wait for guests, host a party and believe in miracles.

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07 Jul
Seminar for Norma Group SE

We were just about to burst into tears, recalling last year’s meeting in France, when a request came from the NORMA Group. Like, the wisest, why not to repeat what has been studied back then? And thus the chief is hurrying to the airport, and the French office is laying tables.

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IEC 60352-2 international standard
07 Oct
Useful tips from Splice Crimping Seminar: IEC 60352-2 international standard as a gate for exotic splices

In the previous “Useful tips” we investigated widely applied industrial crimp norms and arrived at the conclusion that they do not concern exotic materials (aluminum, steel, fiber, etc.) and components (e.g. battery tab, PCB, sensor). So, how to evaluate your such-like connection? For these cases there is a help of IEC 60352-2 norms giving test schedules and techniques for crimp connections.

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