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Pneumatic or servo-drive table-mount machine for semi-automatic pin insertion into various electrical components. Speed up to 3 600 pins per hour.



Pins unreeling systems
There are various pin feeding systems according to each pin type: end-to-end pins floor-mount unreeler, carrier pins unreeler for bandolier pins, terminal unreeler.

Conveyor table
Adjustable table enables pin insertion into PCBs, which have length and width from 50 to 400 mm and thickness from 0,5 to 4 mm.

It is fitted with universal clamps for PCB plates and anvil supporting a plate from the bottom at insertion point. Thanks to it, there is no need to change fixture when changing to application with different dimensions.

Conveyor control interface is SMEMA-compatible. This allows integration of the machine into the assembly line of surface-mounted PCBs and product traceability system.

Electrical insertion head

This head is fully interchangeable that simplifies change to new application. There are several types of insertion heads according to pin types: end-to-end, right angle, U-band (bandolier) or terminals.

Insertion accuracy is highly stable and equals to ±0,05 mm (CPK > 1,68).

Insertion depth is controlled by encoder and can be programmed to one-hundredth of a millimeter in the PC editor whereas equipment of other brands should be mechanically set. Thus there is no need in mechanical adjustment for each new series.

Insertion technique involves the use of precut round or square wire with acceptable section from 0,3 to 1,5 mm (with servo-drive head) or 1 mm (with pneumatic head).

Indexation system
The pin is fixed in the insertion head one step before cutting position, which decreases the tolerance of pin length and thus provides cutting and insertion precision.

Easy-to-operate PC interface with standard PC keyboard & mouse


Lighting & safety beams

Safety beams detect foreign object presence and stop the machine. This feature as well as work area lighting guarantees operator’s safety.

Laser control of components position

This option allows to detect wrong positioning, sends an error message on the screen and doesn’t let the machine work till the component is correctly placed.

Insertion height camera control

Low/high definition camera with integrated logics for pin height insertion control.

Insertion camera control

Camera checks position of basic holes in PCB. According to this data the program corrects installation positions of pins. In that way errors in PCB production are compensated.

Pin presence laser control

This system lets the machine differ empty slots and already inserted pins. New pins are mounted into empty slots only and other positions are skipped.

Insertion force control

System controls each insertion and compares it to the reference values of insertion force. In case of deviation machine stops automatically or gives an alarm sound.

Poka Yoke

Parts indicated by laser or insertion force sensor as defective are to be thrown into special container. Until these parts are detected inside of the container, the machine wouldn’t continue operation.

Force data export to Excel

System allows to download all the insertion data in Excel format.

Data Matrix barcode reader

For program autochange.