Good hopes and some more warmth for Christmas and 2023!


Dear Friends,

Another year passed, and the world continued not only to surprise us, but to shock us as well. In such emotional «swings», the point of stabilization becomes a simple thought: Do what you must, and come what may. So we are trying to do our work professionally and bring ourselves some joy.

And we continue wishing you a normal life in the coming 2023 year!

Holiday breaks at our offices

SM Contact Francia Dic. 26-30
SM Contact España Dic. 26-30
SM Contact GmbH 26 dic. – 8 ene.
SM Contact Tech (Estonia) Dic. 26
SM Contact Engineering (Rusia) 2-8 enero
SM Contact Asia (China) 2 enero

P.S. Let us recall: the guy on the postcard is named Max, and he has long appreciated the benefits of an engineering approach to thing 😎

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