How to change crimp height in 5 seconds and ensure high quality of your connections


Automatic crimp height adjustment function is implemented in the new generation of SM Contact splice crimping machines — SM Crimp V8.

Up to 16 connections with different crimp heights can be stored in the tooling cassette´s memory slot. When an operator installs the cassette in the machine, a list of connections with corresponding parameters is displayed on the touch screen. All that remains is to select the desired connection, сonfirm connection change and wait ~5 seconds while new height is being set. Not only the connection number is shown on the display, but also its photo image — the cross-section. At customer’s request the necessary for production information can be added here.

In previous versions of SM Crimp, an operator had to set using hand tools crimp height data for each new connection. It was not fast, very much depended on the experience of an operator and could lead to inaccuracies and rejects. Now once connections are qualified and stored in the tool, manual adjustment will not be needed anymore thanks to automatic crimp height adjustment function. It will be appreciated by those who monitor the quality of crimp connections.

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