Please cheer for China – and for the rest of the world. Coronavirus day by day


Dear customers,

We’re aware of risks caused by Coronavirus on temporary interruption of supplies to your company. We stay concerned by this evolution and will inform you as soon as any risk occurs from our side.

For your questions:

SM Contact GmbH
SM Contact France

Thanks for your understanding!

Сhristophe ROSHARDT

SM Contact Corporation – Headquarters
20-22 voie Gallo Romaine
77860 Quincy-Voisins

UPD March, 24

In spite of COVID-19, SM Contact has:
– NO material shortage concerns
– NO cost impact
– NO delivery impact
– and ENOUGH material stock to support our customers’ production

Our entire team joins me in offering you personal support during this difficult period.

UPD March, 20

– half of SM Contact France team is teleworking
We’ve taken measures for those who have to go to the office every day: respecting distance of 1 m; no meal taken in community; wearing gloves and masks, etc.

– posting requiring transporters to deposit parcels in the car park for reception
– quarantine for 3 days of the same parcels before unpacking them
– provision of parcels for dispatch on the car park for goods on departure

It allows us to continue activity if the containment measures do not become more restrictive.

– our partners also continue their activity

If a lengthening of certain deadlines happens, our sales department will send you an update with a new order acknowledgement.

– some of our customers announced closure of their manufacturing sites and are not able to give a date for resumption.

Requests for the deadline extension will be dated on April, 30. We hope our business will resume normally by then and invite you to contact us as soon as your site reopens to set a new shipping date.

UPD March, 16

FRANCE entered phase 3 this weekend to limit spread of the virus. Measures involve closure of public places, schools, restaurants, sports halls, concert halls, etc.
– the industry is not affected by this measure for the moment
– we have taken steps by introducing teleworking (e.g. as a consequences of school closure)
– special measures for staff who must visit the office are introduced, including wearing of masks
– besides isolated cases for which actions are in progress, SM Contact is not impacted to date by possible interruptions in deliveries
– we’re just concerned about the routing of goods to our customers because of the traffic restrictions that may occur in each country. Our logistics department is currently evaluating the risks.

UPD March, 11

– SM Contact Asia has recovered correct stability for delivery of spare parts produced in Asia
FRANCE has been recently affected by the coronavirus. The region where SM Contact is located is not concerned for the moment by the epidemic.
– all deliveries and services will continue to operate in a stable way

UPD February, 26

SM Contact Asia regained its normal activity since February, 10, but we remain cautious about possible drifts of the situation.
– as far as new information concerning ITALY is received, it should not affect our deliveries

Please let us know stocks for which you would estimate a risk of shortage, and will answer you on our availability.

UPD February, 11

SM Contact Asia returned to work as most of our suppliers. Our stock level is high enough to cover urgent requests.
– we don’t expect a tangible impact on consumables and common tooling spare parts produced in Asia
– lead time for some spare parts which need several treatments can be affected as they must be transferred in different locations

There were extremely high restrictions for our employees in access to our facility, not using public transport, dormitories installed in the company for those who live far away and all sanitary precautions.


– delivering of consumables is not affected by a risk of breakage
– some spare parts from Asia, either through SM Contact Asia or through distributors of industrial equipment (motor, variator, electronic components, etc.) can be affected by possible breakdowns

Our subsidiary in Guangzhou is not in the restricted access zone. We expect to resume operations there on February, 10.

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