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How to produce automotive and industrial press-fit connectors without stamped terminals


Connectors for automotive manufacturing and industrial electronics can be cost-effectively produced with wire pin insertion technology. Check out its advantages.

SM Contact continuous wire pin connector technology is processed with stand-alone or inline Pininsert machines. Pininsert installs pins into the plastic connector or PCB. Pins are manufactured based on plated round or square wire and fed automatically from reels with up to 200 000 pins in end-to-end format.

Preferred pin configuration

The optimal geometry for pins inserted into the connector plastic housing is combinated harpoon and press-fit stamping.

Harpoon peaks guarantee mechanical resistance and hold pins in the housing.

Press-fit zone compression during insertion fixes pin in the printed circuit board. Spring-like design of eye-of-the-needle (EON) shape assures gas-tight durable contact with the hole barrel. Press-fit is a reliable substitution for the soldering process.

The quality of pin insertion is proved with insertion force and height control.

optimal pin configuration for automotive connector

Advantages of wire pin connector technology compared to stamped terminals:

  1. Flexibility:

    — press-fit position,

    — height,

    — length,

    — quantity,

    — cross-section shape

    can be adjusted (only select the wire material).

  2. Press-fit pins are certified according to IEC 60352-5 and meet high automotive standards.

  3. Quality control for pin tip position by 3D scanner and camera. Maximum inclination of the tip is -+0,2 mm.

  4. No need:

    — to invest in tools to stamp terminals,

    — of molding maintenance,

    no punching slugs and cutting scraps.

These strengths provide low cost per pin and can bring you profit up to 50% over customized stamped terminals in manufacturing of press-fit connectors.

wire pin insertion into connector benefits

Lineup of Pininsert machines

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