Pneumatic or servo-drive table-mount machine for semi-automatic pin insertion into various electrical components. Speed up to 3 600 pins per hour.



Extra-long displacement path
Thanks to well-thought-out system (motor, guides, etc.) EPT 1000 allows displacement up to 157 mm. It makes the device applicable to large connections.

Changeable force sensor
Pull-force sensor is selected according to customers demand. Thus measurement range and accuracy can vary.

Ergonomic clamp arrangement
As a sample holder, a clamp or adapter with 12 slots of various widths are installed for wires of appropriate diameter. Therefore, the device can be used for almost all required cable processing tests (IEC 60352-2).
Sample positioning is as easy as ABC: operator pushes the lever and place the sample, as soon as the lever is released the spring system automatically pulls the clamp back. No need for a wrench or other special tools.

Measurement is done automatically in the selected mode. It is also possible to move the carriage manually if necessary. Results are visualized in real time in the form of force-time curve graphics. Measurement modes:

  • Break (destructive) – the sample is pulled to break. The break point is determined by 25% of the applied maximum force.
  • Hold – the sample is not destroyed during this test. It is subjected to a defined force Fh. The applied force is held for a defined time Th.
  • Hold & Break – two previous modes are combined (hold and pull off). First, the hold mode is applied. Its duration is equal to time Th. Then the wire is subjected to a breaking pull force.

Measurement archive
All measurements results are saved even if the test is aborted: selected mode, force-time curve graphics, crimp width and height, maximum force, and hold duration of maximum pull-force (in Hold and Hold & Break modes).

User-friendly touch screen interface
65536-colour touch screen displays current measurement features, its settings and measurement archive. Settings menu allows to choose a mode, its parameters and carriage options, to select speed, interface language and measurement unit, as well as to start calibration of the device.
Intuitive navigation simplifies operation and enables reproducible test results.


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