We analyze customer’s components, evaluate connectors design
and produce a machine for its particular needs.


SM Contact originates from 14 cities in 6 countries and up to 30% consists of engineers.
We are mostly brunettes with brown eyes, but proud of one redhead in the Russian office. Most of us were born on Friday!
The team shares equally with cat and dog people as well as with coffee and tea addicts. But when it comes to wine, then there are no compromises – red, and that’s final! Who knows what it means, but only 18% of us leave a crust of pizza uneaten.
When we are not available for you (we are really sorry!), we ride motorcycle, snowboard and skis; we turn into artists, cooks and even DJs; we do yoga, tango and karate; we love fishing, football and we learn languages to get closer. That’s just who we are!


SM Contact offers splice crimping and pin electrical connection expertise all over the world giving a priority to engineering qualification. Our analysis provides customized connectors and assembly machines that solve customers’ problem, even hidden ones, and match industry norms. We intend to make the highest quality products that can guarantee end-user safety even in such high-risk industries as automotive and healthcare.

We attempt to empower our employees with an emphasis of identifying their strength and inspiring them to fulfil their potential.


SM Contact wishes to develop solderless connection technology to the extent that every customer can afford our full-cycle quality controlled services from connection design to equipment manufacturing regardless the size and the material of the final product and the environment it performs in.


You have a connection to produce? We have machines that will do it for you!
We design and produce both standard and customized equipment for the following electric connections technologies.
1. Splicing
2. Pin interconnection
3. Insulation displacement connection (IDC)
4. Wire cutting & stripping
5. Wire crimping
6. Wire harness taping
7. Quality control


By following industry standards, we promote quality, safety, and efficiency of our production processes.

Certificat SM CONTACT 14248585 ISO 9001


We insist on necessity of laboratory equipment at your premises to control quality of the following parameter of the electrical connections.
1. Pull force
2. Dimensions
3. Closure
4. Symmetry
5. Compression
6. Components positioning


From the very beginning company’s goal was to improve machine stability, adjustment precision and connection reliability.
That is why starting a new project we analyze your components and customize tooling according to its features, operation algorithm and environment.
1. FEA simulation
2. Cross-view research
3. Pull-force test
4. Electrical resistance test
5. Galvanic corrosion test
6. Thermal stress test
7. CPK match


On the occasion of SM Contact 30th anniversary we launched corporate volunteering project under the motto #SHAREMYCARE.
We consider that the core of our work is making a contribution into humanity’s security and welfare. We are not only professionals, we are human beings with physical capacities and emotional resources, that we can use to help somebody.


Wherever you are, we secure your needs locally all over the world.





  • 1986

    Alain Roshardt founded SM Contact as a French agent of an American company.

  • 1996

    — SM Contact moves to a fancy new building in the industrial area of Quincy-Voisins, France.
    — 10th years anniversary

  • 2000

    SM Contact becomes independent and launches its own-produced SM Crimp with significant improvements: hardsteel, electrical feeding system, radio, etc.

  • 2001

    New direction was established to design interconnection by pin insertion. First Pininsert equipment was designed and produced.

  • 2003

    — Alain Roshardt hands over the administration to his son – Christophe Roshardt.
    — German market expansion and first successes with big companies come: Siemens, Helag, Casco, TDK.

  • 2006

    20th years anniversary

  • 2008

    SM Contact sets up SM Contact Asia – Chinese subsidiary in Guangzhou, China.

  • 2011

    SM Contact launches SM Contact Engineering – engineering department in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • 2012

    SM Contact’s turnover overcomes 3.5 m euro.

  • 2013

    Pininsert 2500 is produced for several pins bending and insertion.

  • 2015

    Emy Roshardt took over as Headquarters’ General Manager.
    SM Contact acquires ELPAC & sets up SM Contact GmbH – German department.
    New products are launched: micrograph laboratories, measurement software Viso 6.00, and TapiX for wire harnesses taping.

  • 2016

    — Sm IDC is produced for IDC termination – first independent project in Russia.
    — First international splice crimping seminar by SM Contact
    — 30th years anniversary

  • 2017

    SM Contact sets up SM Contact España – Spanish subsidiary in Barcelona, Spain.

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