CrimpiX - crimp height measurement devide

CrimpiX – quickest and sharpest way to measure crimp height


Leave caliper and micrometer in the past. Now you have CrimpiX – digital crimp height measurement device with a clincher adapted for each specific connection. Perfect shapes’ match guarantees precise positioning and reliable measurement results.

There are several aspects which can be affected by the human factor while crimp height measurement: sample positioning and compression are the major ones. But in case of using CrimpiX, accuracy is independent of the operator:

• Clincher follows the shape of the splice and the sample could be placed in the only one possible way;

If necessary standard crimp connection can be measured with flat plateau clincher. Camera fixes sample positioning, simplifying detection of the operator’s error;

•  Spring-loaded measuring pin gives sufficient pressure to measure the sample, but doesn‘t deform it.



Proper positioning in transverse and longitudinal plane

On top of that, measuring with CrimpiX is fast and easy thanks to the other technical features:

  Clincher is quick-change, which allows to measure different connections with one device;

  Built-in camera displays enlarged view of the work area facilitating the operator‘s work;

•  Captured images and measurements are saved on SD card or can be transferred to PC by Bluetooth;

•  Synchronization with Viso software provides automatic transfer of measurement results to Viso report on connection comprehensive quality check.

Our new height measurement device with customized and quick-change clincher ensures efficient quality control of splice crimping.

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