Sm IDC – first Russian-built machine with IDC technology


Last Friday Sm IDC, first Russian-built machine utilizing IDC technology, became in the limelight in “Glazov. Electron” enterprise, Republic of Udmurtia, Russia. Three leaders – Republic Head Alexander Soloviev, Glazov mayor Oleg Bekmemetiev and enterprise’s General Director Gabit Mullakhmetov ceremoniously cut the red ribbon and officially announced about three semi-automatic machines by SM Contact Engineering.

Equipment of this type is the first one designed and produced in Russia and the first stand-alone SM Contact Engineering project that the company plans to produce on a mass scale. The presentation to regional authorities and test run were held with a national flavor (women in folk dresses, treats of national cuisine such as patty-cakes perepechki). The event was successful thanks to tight cooperation of “Glazov. Electron” and SMCE team on the spot. St.-Petersburg company headed by the General Director Kirill Turgenev gave the finishing touch to mounting, start-up and teaching operators.

12/09/2016 State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Udmurtia”, “Glazov. Electron” enterprise, town Glazov, Udmurt Republic, Russia. Full episode on the broadcaster web site here (18:30 and 21:45 daily news programs).


IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) is the electrical connection technology based on cutting of insulation. The range of use of IDC-connectors is automotive and network engineering, telecom and appliance industry.

Developed machines are aimed to produce insoluble connections with 72 and 95 IDC connector’s types (wire cross section of 0,35-0,75 mm2, 2,5 mm pitch and 0.5-1,55 mm2, 5 mm pitch respectively). Semi-automatic production cycle consists of following operations:

   1. Synchronized wires and housings feeding;

   2. Wire termination;

   3. Connector’s cover closing;

   4. Final product transfer to the storage area;

   5. Insertion depth control.


Sm IDC presentation to high authorities

Traditional red ribbon cut by Republic Head Alexander Soloviev, Glazov mayor Oleg Bekmemetiev and enterprise’s General Director Gabit Mullakhmetov. Photo credit: paper ‘Udmurtskaya Pravda’.

IDC sample

IDC technology offers savings in installation costs as well as high reliability in handling in a broad field of applications.

Sm IDC presentation to high authorities

Sm IDC, first made in Russia and first constructed by SM Contact Engineering, have been successfully presented to high authorities of Udmurt Republic.

SM Contact and Glazov teams

SM Contact and Glazov Electron teams.

Sm IDC presentation to high authorities

Sm IDC presentation to high authorities. Photo credit: news agency ‘Udmurtia’.

LLC “Glazov. Electron”

LLC “Glazov. Electron” (since 1946) of All-Russian Association of the Blind is one of the major manufacturers of wire harness connections in Russia. It provides cars, motorcycles and home appliance makers (for example, AvtoVAZ, washing-machines and fridges producers Candy and Beko) with its components. IDC technology can enable the enterprise to win good orders in the global market and to depend less on domestic automotive industry.


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