Enameled wire connection in one go


SM Contact offers auto piercing technology by splice crimping for processing enameled wire. It is a cheaper but reliable alternative to IDC terminals, soldering and spot welding in magnet wire applications.

P-splice band of own production has a proprietary serrated profile penetrating various varnishes and coatings used on copper and aluminum magnet wire.

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Enamel-piercing P-type splice band can be leveraged in:
electric motors, e-mobility (EV charging stations), household appliances, in computer, audio and video devices, in industrial electronics, watches and even mars rovers.

for connecting wires to:
— coils,
— electric motors,
— transformers,
— speakers,
— alternators,
— solenoids,
— inductors
— and small appliances.

One-step process
Connection is produced of an unstripped magnet wire directly to wire or component. Auto piercing technology:

  1. saves cycle time by excluding stripping and soldering -> reduces costs,
  2. well-controlled process
  3. with no heating,
  4. with RoHS and REACH compliance for P-splice band materials,
  5. easily scaled for different production volumes,
  6. ensures repeatable high quality of the product.

Resulting interconnection:
— highly reliable,
— robust,
— gas-tight,
— vibration resistant.

More about auto piercing technology and P-splice band for magnet wire

Please contact our Project Team for details: smcontact@smcontact.eu, +7 812 980 97 93

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