SM Contact on Cabex 2017

SM Contact at Cabex exhibition, Moscow


The first SM Contact exhibition in Russia has reached the end. Duty done lossfree! Cabex exceeded our expectations both in attendance and exhibitors level. Besides “fox in the hencoop” strategy proved to be sure-fire. SM Contact was the only one equipment producer among other 131 participants and its busy 6-meters stand aroused a lot of attention.

Traditionally, producers of wire harnesses, domestic appliances and auto electronics were prevalent among visitors. There were also representatives of other various fields, from heated floors to space crafts. SM Contact presented the following equipment:

  1. Korean cutting, stripping and crimping machines KM digitech. Last year SM Contact Engineering became its exclusive distributor in Russia and CIS.
  2. Benchtop micrograph laboratory SKB 4000.
  3. Manual wire harnesses taping tool TapiX.

SM Contact can’t but discover features and trends specific to the Russian market. First of all, strong interest was aroused by a power plug – wire crimped connection. Second, TapiX was in favor. How else, if its heavy-weight competitors cost triply more expensive than our “baby boy”! One more trend – unexpectedly! – was several requests for coaxial cable cutting and stripping. It is a matter of tubular conducting shield processing, which is usually made of woven copper or aluminum.

In a month we will return to Moscow to exhibit at ElectronTechExpo – once again to cut, strip, crimp, analyze and, unavoidably, conquer!

Pin interconnections on Cabex 2017

The unique moment was captured – pin connections demonstration. Being not a field-specific for the cable exhibition, this technology got its fifteen minutes of fame.

Micrograph laboratory demo on Cabex 2017

First, there is a hand-made display of splice crimping samples by SM Crimp. Then, look, how masterfully the laptop fitted in the counter! At the last minute we’ve got to know that it had to squeeze between 5 machines already arranged nose to nose. A good thing is that we played Tetris being kids.

It was worth-establishing a Student day on Wednesday! (As it became a kind of tradition in Russia for cinemas, restaurants, etc.) Mr. Kirill Turgenev with alacrity shared his knowledge about SM Contact technologies with young visitors. He is no stranger to such activity, in Saint Petersburg he teaches students in the Polytechnic University.

Mobile micrograph laboratory demo on Cabex 2017

Mobile micrograph laboratory enables all the study steps integrated in one device: first a sample is cut, its cross-section surface is grinded and etched to make necessary details visible, finally it is located under the optics to get macro image and to measure its parameters.

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